Makerland – Have you ever wanted to escape from the tiring daily routines and travel to the outside world? Enjoying the beauty of nature while sunbathing under the palm trees? The answer is definitely yes. Unfortunately, most of us are incapable to do so. We have responsibilities to our jobs which consume most of our time and leave us with no choice. As solution, we have to be smart to manage that problem. Home as a place to give comfort for the owner can be the medium to refresh you from the tiring work.

For this purpose, now people see the importance of having nice home to create balance in their lives, between them and nature. One home concept that matches with the idea of back to nature can be African home decor. From the word African itself, we must directly think about jungles, deserts, animals, ancient tribes and etc which can deliver our minds to the heaven on earth. So, why don’t you bring these visions and build your own paradise at home? Since the essence of African home decor is to bring nature inside the house, planting some trees or flower becomes the first thing to do on the list. You can use tropical plant life trees, bushes and flower on your backyard or even inside the house to create natural green atmosphere in the house.

Beside to decorate your home, planting trees give a lot of benefit for relaxing purpose, health and air circulation. Secondly, you can get the ‘African’ feel from the home furniture. Putting pillows, rugs and blanket in zebra or leopard pattern can represent African wilderness into your room. Hanging animals’ pattern tapestry such as elephant, zebra, lion and rhino on the wall will create stronger impression of Africa gateway on your home.

Basically, you can use everything which matches the theme to decorate your wall such as sculpture and even woven basket to look more Africa. The use of wood material for table, chair, bed and even closet is needed to realize this fantasy. Placing some artistic African tribal accessories such as wooden mask on the wall or even rugs, lamps and curtain can be brilliant as well. In addition, for totality, you can also choose wooden texture and woven rattan as the ground of your home to feel like living in a comfortable rural area. African home decor, offers this great experience of the home comfort and the balance of nature for you to escape from the tiring daily routines.

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African Home Decor Living Room

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African Home Decor Tiger

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African Home Decor Cool

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