Makerland – Most of us, when we heard about a grey color then we will directly think that grey is dusty and neutral color that doesn’t want to prominent or make a certain impression. A grey color sometimes makes a room looks cold. But the truth is that grey interior is very attractive, timeless, and flexible. Of course, its flexibility let this color to be combined with the other colors. You can add any kind of strong color and make kitchen in your house more alive. Yet if you combined a grey with a neutral color like black and white, it can make a grey color into color that very warm.

Certainly, the use of the other colors is limited only for variation and a grey color is a dominant color. The wrong selection and integrated of a grey color indeed can give the impression of more dull and dark on your kitchen. If a dark grey color become dominant, it is not good for your kitchen. Your grey kitchens can appear elegant and neat because of grey color combinations with white and black color on the walls and ceiling for its interior design. Adding bright lights on one side of the walls of the kitchen will be making your kitchen become warm and romantic while you eat dinner together with your mate.

A large of stone material table can be laid in the middle of the room with black cap lights above it. Put a large of stone material table intended to support a nature accent given by a grey color on the wall. Mini bar with a grey like iron color also become another option for your grey kitchens. This mini bar is fit to you who just have cramped space for your kitchen. Mini bar will give more spaces in your kitchen while you cooking. The seats of the bar have white colors to support the impression of elegant minimalist that remains. Chandeliers above the bar add the warmth atmosphere in the kitchen.

The white ceramic you can choose for your kitchen floor. Some empty spaces in the walls also covered with ceramic material. The lighter color in the wall of the kitchen will add the impression of neat and clean in your kitchen. That is grey kitchens interior design with combination of colors grey which you can try to your kitchen. With grey kitchens design, your kitchen you can look elegant and larger.

Here are the Elegant Grey Kitchen Pictures :

GREY KITCHEN with Grey Floor

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