Makerland – One of the interesting concepts of home decoration to be applied is shabby chic design. This style originated from the U.K. and popularized in the U.S. by a woman named Rachel Ashwell. If you are interested, you can try to apply the style of shabby chic in the interior of the house, like a living room. Shabby chic living room identical to the gently that inclined feminine impression. You will have living room that not only charming and gentle but also look antique.

Choose pastel-colored wall paint such a soft mint green, beige, and ivory for your shabby chic living room. These colors can be applied unevenly on the wall panels and furniture filler of the living room, making it appear unfinished impression. For matching the color of a shabby chic living room, you can choose a main color and find its balance with the complementary color. For example, if the light blues is the main color, create harmony by adding broken gray and a bit of white colors. You can give complementary colors on it. Besides white and pastel colors, the other colors like worn out, bleach out, and faded colors are often associated with shabby chic style.

Vintage feel is one of the atmospheres that were built in the shabby chic living room. Then it is required elements support such as antique trinkets accessories to bring up the atmosphere. One of the easiest is a floral-patterned tea set which handed down by your ancestors. Oldies items placed in the living room do not necessarily make shabby chic style into a classic look. Precisely this style can give its own atmosphere that makes the colors of your living room appear brighter. For example, a wide range of unique frames for photo frame or mirror. If the walls, floor, and accessories have been using a combination of a diverse variety of pastel colors, then you need the aspects that could make this interior having neutral aspects.

The most dominant element in an interior is furniture, then use white furniture that color matching does not become too crowded. You can start with a credenza and put it at the end of the living room. Furniture is usually made of wood will be painted white, then began sanded so that the surface is not too shiny, giving the impression of vintage and old. Other than wood, fabric material is also a major element in the interior is shabby chic style. The fabric used is a fabric that has a pastel color motif and, generally floral. This effect comes from the U.K., where many homes are using chintz, floral-patterned cotton woven fabric, as a cover sofas and curtains. But one thing to remember, shabby chic style is not much exploring high contrast color, but tends to play on a monochrome room safe.

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