Makerland – Do you have a plan to do a little touch of changes in interior design on your bedroom? The touch of art deco might be able to be a good option to apply. It will make your bedroom become more comfortable. Art deco is one of style in architecture that flourished about in the period of 20s – 30s, which giving much attention to detail and ornamentation. Its uniqueness and attractions make many people demanded this style. An art deco bedroom will perform with the atmosphere of warm which is luxurious and give a sense of fun.

To apply art deco style, use bedroom elements that have distinctive design of art deco ornament. Simple bed with short legs and rustic look bed which made by wood or metal can be applied in this bedroom. For fancier looks, their headboards need to be coated with leather or wavy wood materials. For the other furniture like a table and chairs, choose which have simple style and use a cocoa brown (dark brown) for finishing. If necessary, give it black accent to make it look fancier.

If you want stand-in closet in your bedroom, you can put full-body mirrors with wood or metallic decorations on it. The chandeliers can be used for lighting, but it should be beautiful and large. It would be perfect if it made by crystal. Remember that art deco bedroom should have presenting many accessories. On each wall must be placed an accessory because art deco did not receive empty wall. You can display handicraft like statue, sculpture, and souvenir that you obtained when you visit another region or travel overseas. Another thing you must consider is the wall color. The wall in an art deco bedroom use minimalist bright colors.

If you want to give a little accent to your walls, put it on the back of the bed headboard. But if you want use wallpaper for your bedroom, you can use wallpaper with the leaves, bamboo woven, and briquettes pattern. On the floor you can use the parquet tiles. The ambiance of art deco bedroom is luxurious and comfortable which making you feel enjoy spending your time inside it. The mix and match of the color that being used in its wallpaper, floor tiles, and the other things inside the room will also make your bedroom looks more warm and beautiful. So, do you interested with the idea of art deco bedroom that has been conveyed? There is no harm to present a different atmosphere for your bedroom interior design, isn’t?

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