Makerland – Do you have a basement? What are you use it for? Basement which is located below the ground floor can be finished and remodeled to get multipurpose living space such as laundry, wine cellar, gym, even bathroom. Nowadays, many people have altered the basement function into bathroom. Altering basement into bathroom will reduce your budget if it is compared with make a new bathroom in your home. Altering the basement into bathroom can add the value of your home if you have some basement bathroom ideas.

Good basement bathroom ideas will make your bathroom more fascinating and cool. This can be very challenging job, but there are many people who success building bathroom in their basement. The professional plumber with special certification can help you build the dream bathroom in the basement in your home. There are several ways that you should do to build basement bathroom. First, define your budget. There is varied price range product, so you must define the product that fit your budget. You can go to the show room to choose the products that suit you or you had the plumber to show the product. Building bathroom in the basement normally cost $15.200, and from that cost, the largest expense is to pay the plumber fee. Second, decide your bathroom size.

If you have large basement size you can make full bathroom, and even make the toilet outside the room. If it small basement, then the arrangement for the room must be done well because the space is limited. In this case, you may decide to make half bathroom with only toilet and sink. In chance you still want to make full bathroom, you have to consider the position of the bathtub. Third, you can start picking the basement bathroom design that suits your taste. You can search in the internet about basement bathroom ideas that you can use for designing your ideal bathroom. You will find many pictures that can inspired you to make the basement bathroom that suitable for you.

You can combine black and yellow street tiles incorporated with tile. The color combination from the two can make the bathroom situation like outside of the street and glass tile that represent traffic light in the shower. Another basement bathroom idea is using mosaic design to get the factory situation. If you want to make basement bathroom for a kid, then you may decor the bathroom with a lot of color at once, so that it seems like a group of color and very cheerful. The addition of the wood wallpaper and metal can give the rustic situation to the bath room. A lot of windows can make bathroom lighting better, then combined with the white wall decoration and furniture will make the room brighter.

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Basement Bathroom With Shower

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