Makerland – Nowadays, curtain for a kitchen is very important because the addition of kitchen curtains can complement your kitchen look. However, choosing kitchen curtain for your room may be daunting task because you know there are many kitchen curtains ideas that you can find everywhere. You can search the kitchen curtains from different sources such as the store near you, internet, or consult with interior designer. Internet and asking in the store may be the best option because the last option will cost you a lot of money.

Here will be presented some kitchen curtains ideas that may fit your kitchen space and style. These kitchen curtains ideas in this article consider the location of the window and the right fabric material for it. If you have windows that located near the sink, choose the material that can easily to wash such as cotton and linen, because it will easily dirty because of the cooking smell from the sink. It is advised to not use velvet and other heavy fabric material. For this type of curtain you can also use fabric from cotton and polyester combination or viscose. If you have window that located near the stove, consider using curtains that can be used against fire, if the flame from the stove is caught the curtain in fire. Adding curtains that can be used to against fire is very useful because the fire from the stove can easily get in the curtains, if this case happen you don’t have to worry because the fire will be distinguish itself.

For this kind of curtain don’t try to use light fabric because it is not safe, good option to covering the windows from fire is using linen. Installing awning or a roof like a cover that usually from canvas extended over the windows to protect it from the wind, sun, and rain. After choosing the fabric, then choose the color from the fabric material you have been chosen. Choose the color that has really good affect to your room and to you. Choosing the right color can make you have a good and otherwise if you choose the wrong color that may influence you and make you down. Choose the color carefully to create such influence to your kitchen, also think about space of the kitchen. Space of the kitchen can influence your choose of curtain because not all the curtain color will match in every kitchen for example if you have small kitchen you can use bright colors like purple to make your kitchen larger.

You can also use red, magenta, and all range of yellow color to make your kitchen feel larger and take up all the room with a source of illumination and air. If you have theme on your kitchen, choose the curtain that can match your theme so that it will create a harmony for example you have a classic theme in your kitchen, you can try using plain curtains or using combination decorative details to make your kitchen more elegant. The other theme to apply in your kitchen is country, if you have this country style use pastel strips or cells, and catchy ornament. For modern kitchen you can use cool colors like gray with minimalist accent for your kitchen curtains.

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Kitchen Curtains Sunflower


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Kitchen Curtains Simple

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Kitchen Curtains pink

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Kitchen Curtains Aster

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Kitchen Curtains Blue Butterfly

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