Makerland – What do you think about summer? Having holiday in a beautiful coastal with cool waves, sands, and seashell? If you think something like that but unfortunately you can’t go there, what will you do? You do not have to worry because there is a way to make your dream come true. Well, you can decorate your home with coastal style. Decorate your house like you are in living in the coastal will make your home interesting.

Coastal style is also perfect for summer, the wave from the coastal is very good to apply in the summer because that will make the room cooler and make you comfort. There are people who like this style applied in every room in their house and the other like to apply this style in several place like living room, bathroom and dining room. Coastal living room and bathroom are usually used by people, but coastal dining room? That’s sound surprising that we even can make the dining room atmosphere like in the ocean too.

This coastal dining room will make your dining room feel comfortable, natural, cozy, and fresh. There is huge variety of coastal dining room style. You have to think about what kind of coastal style you want to create first. You can find many coastal styles like, Tommy Bahamas look, Santa Monica’s shabby chic, chi-chi Barclay Butera beach, and many more. Coastal dining room also can be decorated using vintage, contemporary, shabby, or rustic style. You just can combine the coastal dining room with the style you like or the style that you use before. You can make coastal style dining room by adding coastal dining room sets like chair made from wood and furniture which is wicked or adding some other beach theme. You can buy coastal dining room sets in the internet or store near you.

You can choose coastal dining room sets color which is available in store such as blue pattern to give the visual of ocean which having blue color and brown to get the natural feel like you are in natural place in your dining room. You can add coastal accent like shell, painting about beach, fish, seahorse, drift wood, and wicker shutter can make the room like in coastal. You can also add the chandelier or pendant above the dining room. Paint your dining room with brown or vintage color and you can always use blue. You can use blue to give the blue ocean illusion to the dining room. Use pastel, minimalist furniture and floorboard to make your dining room feel relaxing.

Here are the Coastal Dining Room Images:

Coastal Dining Room Brown

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Coastal Dining Room Rattan

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Coastal Dining Room WhiteGet special price here

Coastal Dining Room With Metal

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Coastal Dining Room Cream Almond

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