Makerland – Do you want to feel like in holiday in your home? You can apply your living room with country style to make you feel like you on holiday every day. Country style living room also warm and can give you a lot of fun like living in the country. Country which is still natural, full of trees and farm will give a lot of fun because you can play or relaxing anywhere. This country living room is modern, elegant, natural, and make your living room as comfortable as living in country.

Living in the country is really warm because people are close to each other, like to talking to each other, and like spend more time with family member. So, applying this country living room also aim for getting a close and warm family. If you have a desire to make country style in your living room, there are various country styles that you can choose, and maybe not all the furniture will match with country style living room. However, you can choose furniture that will be best to apply with several advice. First, choose certain furniture like wooden furniture, straw furniture, made wicker furniture, or cane furniture. Wood can give the natural atmosphere while wicker, cane, and straw are a thing that you usually found in the country.

These furniture materials will make you feel like you are living in the country. You can use leather too because leather will work in any styles. Leather will make your living room more natural. Using leather material means you will get an elegant yet simple lifestyle. Ensure the entire furniture material surface has a matte finish to keep the country look. If you choose furniture with glossy finish, this will not synchronize with country style living room. This glossy finish will make your living room too bright and not simple because it will create an illusion of dazzling furniture. Dazzling furniture will make your living room looks expensive, so that you will not get the country living room.

Second, use natural windows, vintage or rugged textiles, upholstery sofa, blanket and pillow. You don’t have to choose the furniture that match for each other, just something that common for a country living room, this will make the room in harmony. There are things that you shouldn’t choose for creating country living rooms, do not use unpleasantly bright color, do not use unnatural material like synthetic sofa, synthetic accessories and many more, and do not use smooth and shiny material such as silk to your country living room. After you follow the advice that you should do and that shouldn’t you do, you will get the right furniture for your country living room.

Here are the Country Style Living Room Pictures:

Country Living Room Apple Green

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Country Living Room with Leather Sofa

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Country Living Room Relaxed

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