Makerland – Having a narrow space for the kitchen is troublesome for most of the house owner. They think that small kitchen would be difficult to portray an interesting interior design. To overcome these issues, we can apply a minimalist design to the kitchen. To maximize the design of the kitchen, we also must choose a minimalist kitchen cabinet. Color combinations of minimalist kitchen cabinet also affect the interior design of the kitchen. We must choose a cabinet with a color that can be well integrated in all parts of the kitchen to get maximum comfort.

You could try cream color to create a comfortable and clean feel in your minimalist kitchen. Creamy color is very soft, calm, and light. You can combine it with any other color to look more attractive. Domination of a pale and creamy color in the room make the space looks even more extensive although with many ornamentation on it. You can use cream kitchen cabinets with an accent of gold color on the profile for highlight. There is no need to add another cabinet; you just optimize the function of the cream kitchen cabinet with the right arrangement to make your narrow kitchen looks wider. Brown marble or granite for top table materials will increase the elegant impression of your kitchen.

The cream kitchen cabinets also complement well with the tuba granite used for the countertops, the cabinets have similar color for the backsplash tiles but they sure complement each other. An interesting lighting like spotlight on the ceilings and lighting below the upper cabinets create good ambiance and will make effects as if your cream kitchen cabinets glowing. Adding whites like in the island, walls and the doors make the cream kitchen cabinets stand out. Also, your cream kitchen cabinet will fit to combine with the orange color wall. The impression that looks in tuned, giving a touch of comfortable in attractive orange effect.

The atmosphere while cooking will also feel more pleasant. You must have point out that most of the cabinets are modular. But if you add those tips in your kitchen, it definitely will make your cabinets seem that they were custom, not to mention pretty awesome. Also, you must emphasize that choosing cream kitchen cabinets will not only make your kitchen looks pretty and spacious, but suitable to the entire design of your house. Maybe you feel interested to make a unique and eccentric design, but it may will cost more to re-do them than to design them as flexible to the other rooms of the house.

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