Makerland – Are you bored with your mediocre living room? You can decor it with the cute living room ideas. Living rooms with interior design which is different, unique, and cheerful, all the guests who come to your home will definitely smile happily and comfortably sit back and relax in this room. One way to implement the cute living room ideas is to create a living room with cartoon as it theme. This idea emerged from the women with a relatively young age, or parents who want to pamper his daughter or son with their favorite cartoon. With the cartoon living room, your home will look more cheerful and dynamic.

The first cute living room ideas are a living room with a Hello Kitty theme. The Selection of living room furniture with hello kitty pictures will give the impression of a funny and cute room. You can buy chairs, sofas, and tables with hello kitty illustrated or shaped. Three sofas placed in the living room that is not spacious with one hello kitty shaped sofa complete with its ribbon. Do not forget to provide curtains and tablecloths with hello kitty accent. Pink will be dominant color that creates the impression feminine in your living room. If your room is quite spacious, do not hesitate to apply large hello kitty pictures on one wall of your living room. Besides using pink, you can also use blue wallpaper with white hello kitty accents on the walls of your living room.

The Second cute living room ideas are a living room with a SpongeBob theme. The selection of living room furniture with a marine theme will give the impression of a different and unique in your living room. You can use the ‘Crusty Crab restaurant’ that is in the cartoon as an inspiration for the interior design of your living room. The table is made from woods with boat steering shapes, painted with red, yellow, and blue color in circular form from outside to inside on it. You can recycle barrel into your living room chairs to complete the table.

You can paint your walls in blue colors, or you can use wallpaper with industrial themes. Add a large anchor-shaped clock on one side of your wall as the focus of your living room. Also add the miniature of SpongeBob characters and wooden frames as an additional ornament. Use yellow curtains with the pictures of SpongeBob characters as accents; it will complement the interior of your SpongeBob theme living room. How about both of cute living room ideas above? Are you interested to apply it in your home? I hope this article will inspire and make your home become more attractive.

Here are the Cute Living Room Ideas Images:


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