Makerland – Designing living room is very crucial because it has multi roles as the face of the house and also for relaxing purpose and entertaining guests. One thing that should be considered in decorating a house is that it should fulfill the owners need of space and create comfort area for them. In most houses, living room is only function as a place for chatting with guests. If it is so, you can go with more formal feel to design your contemporary living rooms.

However, if it is the only leaving space in the house, it will be better if you go with less-formal concept because the living room functions not only as for serving guests but also for family playroom. Nowadays, painting living room wall with two or three different colors in each side is quite popular. This method of painting can bring more dynamic and fresher look to lighten up the mood in the house. Choose color which can match well with the theme of your house and be careful in using bright colors because they are very tricky.

In contemporary living rooms design, bright color is usually used in one side of the wall as the focus point in the room. While on the other area, we can apply different colors that are soft to match with the bright colors. For safety purpose, go with plain color for big furniture such as sofa, table and bookshelf because plain color is ‘everlasting’ and can mix well with most colors. To keep the room interesting, in minimal-plain color design of living room, you can play with colorful accessories such as sofa pillows, rugs and pictures and if you get bored with those color, you can easily change it to another one to refresh the mood.

If you live in a cold area, fireplace can be the best thing to have in a living room. Besides to warm the family during winter, it can also function as decoration to make the room more classy and elegant. Today fireplaces come in various design and style which give you more options to follow your needs. There are many more types of fireplace compared to the old days such as wood fireplace, gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces. For those who need simplicity, gas or electric fireplace might be more suitable compare to wood fireplace which needs more care because of its remnants (wood, dust, ashes). From above example, you can see that there are a lot of things that you can do to design your contemporary living rooms. Doing more research and ask for professional advice certainly will help you get your dream house.

Here are the Contemporary Living Rooms Images:

Contemporary Living Rooms Sofa Sectional

1. Talia Sectional

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Contemporary Living Rooms Loveseat

2. Home Furnishings Contemporary Loveseat

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Contemporary Living Rooms White Sofa Sectional

3. White Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa Set with Light

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Contemporary Living Rooms Contemporary Loveseat

4. Sofa Set for Living Room Contemporary Couch Loveseat

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Contemporary Living Rooms white Black

5. black and white bonded leather upholstered sofa and love seat set

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