Makerland – Ceiling is one element of a house that protecting the inner part of the house from any dust from the outside. It is the part of interior building that covers the upper part of a room. Before we go to the further discussion about the best ceiling use in your house, it would be better if you know the types of ceilings. Ceiling can be classified according to its function, construction, and function. One ceiling may differ to one another. It can differ in structure, material, and functions.

rustic ceiling

Have you in the church and notice the ceiling there? Ceiling with high and sturdy look called cathedral ceiling. In some commercial building, such as offices, residents, restaurants, and apartments used dropped ceiling. It is a kind of ceiling which has a surface few inches below the ceiling construction. It is for giving space for the cables and pipes installation. In some occasion, ceiling has been decorated with some unique tiles and paint colors. For a decorative purpose, you may choose fabric ceilings. Fabric ceiling made from fabric which may give the dramatic effect to the room. People use it for any special occasion.


If you want the rustic look for your house, you may choose wooden beam. Beam used as a ceiling in the rustic area. The addition of wooden beam gives natural and simple look to the house. Fabric and wooden beam are the type of ceiling based on the materials used. The last types of ceilings will be textured ceiling. It is the best option for those of you who want to give the great addition to your plain room. You can choose any type of ceiling which suits your desire and needs. Another famous ceiling will be ceiling lights and ceiling tile. Many people install ceiling light for lighting purpose. Ceiling lights are really plenty in sizes, colors, and types. You can find a suitable design which work well with your space and light type. People also install ceiling light fan as it can serve a double function for providing air circulation and light at the same time. Ceiling can make your house look bigger and fresher. How could it be? By having high ceiling, you already provide your house with natural air circulation which is good for your health. High ceiling allows sunshine to come to your house. Have you decided which types if ceilings will you use at your house?

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