Makerland – Dining room is important place your you and your family because it is a place for you to gathering around and having dinner or breakfast together. Of course every homeowner wants to decorate their dining room so that the people there will be very comfortable. Decorating your dining room in perfect shapes in everything include table, chair, and even curtains. Yes, curtain for dining room nowadays become a part of the dining room decoration. Do you ever see dining room without curtains? What do you think? Is it good or maybe look something else? Dining room without curtains is looked cold and not really inviting. Consider to add curtains to your dining room.

Usually, dining room curtains become the last thing to add to complement the decoration. Dining room curtains is depended on the dining room style. When you want to choose curtain for you dining room, ensure that it has a harmony with other dining room furniture. There are some rules you should consider when choosing curtain for dining room. First, choose the material that easy to clean, last for a long time, do not fade, and don not choose color that can distract from overall of your dining room. Dining room usually located near the kitchen so the curtain dirty faster than average curtain because of the smoke and thick oily substance release during cooking. Choose curtain with linen material.

Second, choose the color and pattern of dining room curtains that do not climb in the eye. Color combination for a room can influence mood. If you have small room and you desire to make the larger choose the bright color curtain like red, purple, yellow can make your dining room larger. The very common tips for choosing the dining room curtain is choose the pattern that match with your furniture like kitchen and chair. As for pattern you can choose it based on your style in dining room, such as you have country dining room use pastel strips or ornament that easy to remember, as for classic they need plain dining room curtains, and modern they need minimalist curtain.

The most important thing for choose the pattern are horizontal pattern can visually make your room bigger but it makes the ceiling low, as for vertical can make the dining room higher. You can also use floral pattern curtain in vintage dining room or use it in the summer because it can give refreshing look to the dining room. Third, choose dining room curtains that have equal in length. Kitchen curtain length is also considered important because it can give the visual look. It is advises using curtain from ceiling to floor for your dining room to create luxurious and higher room.

Here are the Dining Room Curtains Images :

Dining Room Curtains Long

1. Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel

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Dining Room Curtains Autumn

2. Window Accents 5-Piece Tuscan Scroll Stripe

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Dining Room Curtains Elegance

3. Elegance Textured Faux Linen Grommet Curtain Panel Pair

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Dining Room Curtains Mocha

4. Tuscan Stripe Thermal Backed Pole Top Panel

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Dining Room Curtains Luxury

5. Hilton Window Curtain & Waterfall Fringed Valance Treatments

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