Makerland – Dining room is a place that doesn’t usually available in home today. This is a place for eating and gathering around the family. Most of the people today include the dining room in kitchen because they have limited space. In case you have dining room, what is the color you want to apply for this room? There are many colors available such as blue, green, red, yellow, white, and many more. This is very daunting task right?

Paint for dining room must be planning thoroughly because the color applying for the dining room can reflect your personality. Choose the paint ideas that will transform your dining room into extraordinary room. If you search in the internet about dining room paint ideas, there are many inspirations you can get. There you can find many interesting dining room paint ideas that may suitable for your home. When you want to choose the color of the dining room wall, consider the size and the paint want them to do.

For instance, if you have a small dining room and you want to make it larger, try use bright color such as butter cream, pale pink, and, off white to painting ceiling and wall to give illusion of larger space and also brighten the dining room. In case you have already some furniture, choose the color that matches the furniture. You can also decorate the dining room with any styles and color that you think is good. If you still struggling with the color for dining room, there are two interesting dining room paint ideas that may catch your attention, white and black combination, and hot pink and orange combination.

Black and white color combination has been widely used in many room decorations such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and off course dining room too. Black and white for dining room can make your dining room modern, simple, elegant yet classic. This color combination is very good to apply because it can complement one another. With the right design you will get the dining room that not only beautiful but also comfortable. Different with black and white, hot pink and orange combination is very cheerful and can stimulate appetite. Some people believed that orange can stimulate the appetite. So this is very good choice to add orange paint to your dining room. If you desire the dining room which is calm and reassuring, choose sandy beige or blue and add a little green accent to the wall.

Here are the Dining Room Paint Pictures:

Dining Room Paint YellowDining Room Paint Yellow

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Dining Room Paint Green

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Dining Room Paint Black and White

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