Makerland – The development of technology and tradition has changed people way of thinking about house. Unlike the old days, in which people only used house as a shelter to protect them from wild animals and bad weather, nowadays, they also use house as the media to represent their personalities through its architecture. The uniqueness of home architecture itself is indeed important. But one thing that should not be ignored is the significant in choosing furniture and their precise placement in the rooms. Everyone agree if furniture placement is the most important elements in house decoration because it can build the atmosphere and the beauty in the room.

Here are some tips of furniture placement which you can apply in your house. The first thing that should be considered in choosing furniture is that the proportion of the furniture fit with the size of the room. In doing so, you have to make sure about the accessibilities of the rooms such as stairs and doors in placing your lovely stuff. Beside accessibilities, the owner of the house should also think about the air circulation in putting their furniture at home. Pay attention also while selecting the material of furniture so that it can blend well with the concept of your home. Putting different shape and model of accessories can be attractive as long as they go along with the room’s color and pattern.

As a solution for large room, decorating the wall can be lovely. You can use painting, hang your photo, accessories and even statue to fill the emptiness in the wall. Lastly, since house is designated to give comfort for the owners, placing furniture in the right order can become a hard job. Furniture arrangement needs to be harmonious because the way we organize our stuff can affects our perception about a room, in which we can feel they are bigger or smaller.

The harmony of the elements in the house is believed can affect the psychological condition of people living in the house. Thus, harmony is important. One thing that should be noted, be efficient! Be sure that all furniture that you put in house is useful enough so it does not become a waste of space because too much furniture can make your house look stuffy. Searching for references about home decoration and the art of furniture placement is also needed in getting your ideal dream house. Getting professional help to assist you design your house can be the other solution. The choice is yours.

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Furniture Placement Cozy

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