Makerland – We feel familiar when seeing a house with modern, classics, contemporary, traditional and other design. Nowadays this design common to our eye, but we can still enjoy when seeing beautiful houses being attractive and different from the others. Apart from ordinary design house which often we see every day, there is a house design which will surely give you some pleasure because it is specially designed in a very different way. Futuristic house include in this category because the design is completely different.

You may not believe that the futuristic house really exists. Because for most people, the meaning of “house” is a dwelling that have rectangular shaped furnished with portico, a chimney, front yard, backyard, and the garage. But the traditional house with four walls and a roof are no longer to be seen in a futuristic theme. Futuristic house are now recognized as the trend of the style of the house the present time. Futuristic is a minimalist house design with modern style and identical with the form of simple and symmetrical kind of shoebox, even the form of the roof also different from would normally house like and with the selection cheerful bright colors, contemporary touch added for increasing embellish the appearance of the futuristic. This kind of house called “futuristic” because it took up the theme of efficient behind the lack of space and the least of accessories as well as integrated room in the house to give more functions.

There are several things must be thought out when you want to design your home with futuristic themes. First you must use minimalist house theme to strengthen the futuristic impression. Then the needs of space in the house must be paid attention, a futuristic house more incline to the trait of being simple, like the use of one room that can be beneficial for some activity. Industry thrift or secondhand automotive instrument can be used as a house ornament or furnishings, as well as another variation related to a futuristic thing applied to futuristic theme.

Futuristic house is truly remarkable. Beside it looks unique, you certainly will be impressed by the design and structure of the building. Design a house like this will certainly need in-depth and proper analysis to ensure the structure remained strong and durable .You can design house accordance with what your desire, but keep in mind that the main function of a house is as a residence. So, give priority to the comfort of you and your family before deciding design of the house that unique and interesting.

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