Makerland – Your bathroom can be so stylish when you apply the latest interior design trends. Nowadays, the trends of bathroom interior design are more focused on minimalist and sleek look. Minimalist bathroom is very important for modern homes today. The use of neutral colors is suitable for a minimalist bathroom design. Because those colors are clean and convenient to look, they also look stylish in a bathroom. So many people are applying a neutral color on the interior design of their bathrooms.

Gray bathroom decor are one of bathroom interior design that used by many people to renovate or build their bathroom. If you are concerned about the gray bathroom ideas will feel flat and lifeless, add a touch of another neutral color to cut the gloomy feel of gray hue and creates a more sophisticated look. Pattern of the walls and tiles with a lighter color such as gray will make your bathroom feel more refreshed at the same time visually spacious. When choosing the materials for flooring, natural stone or vinyl, but with minimal patterned material. You can try to use plain tiles with exceptional color soft, natural plain concrete powder in shades ranging from pale gray to off block. Or you can sprinkle another tiles or walls with color that have bold character, such as red, orange, yellow, or green to your bathroom.

You also can use plain tiles for flooring or just use the mask the border to the wall in your bathroom. This will create a warm and bold look at your gray bathroom idea. But you must remember that too much color or darker color will make your bathroom feel narrowed. Gray bathroom ideas allow you to use some accessories or ornaments. But for create more impression of a minimalist; there is no need to use any accessories if necessary. Towels with colors such as white, dark gray and black is very suitable for create the impression of harmony in your gray bathroom.

Arrange the tools of your toiletries in a cabinet and shelf which made by wood or have a wood pattern on it. Not only gives an impression of nature in your bathroom, but they also will make your bathroom more practical and functional. Your gray bathroom will look more natural to you if you decorate it using a pot plants. It is so unique, beautiful, and refreshing to your gray bathroom ideas that look stiff. Especially if you put on top of the tub near the window, the overall look will be so fresh and amazing. You can play with only green plants, or you can more colorful with fragrant flowers that would define the uniqueness of your bathroom.

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