Makerland – Do you want use so-chic gray bathroom tiles to create bathrooms that suit your personal decorating style? A gray bathroom tiles make the bathroom interior looks strict and stylish. Beside, gray is one of neutral colors that have characters that are capable of carrying the impression of serenity if applied on a room including the bathroom. So that the activities of cleansing yourself become comfortable, you can just pick this color to create the mood that you want. The standard bathroom usually had a small window and there is no natural light so visually it always makes bathroom dark and narrow.

Color schemes in the bathroom had to be selected with that in mind. Special attention needs when choose the color of the wall and the tiles, because they set the tone of the base. Plenty of a way to combine driftwood and charcoal gray to make monochromatic that soothes heaven and to see how mixing in brighter-colors surface and accessories that makes it energetically electrical look. Go classic by opting for pearl-gray walls or light gray bathroom tiles that peaceably set off black or dark-stained vanities, gilded mirrors, royal purple linens, and sculptural white fixtures.

If you like the idea of streamlined spaces with contemporary character, you can used clad walls, floors, and showers in dark gray stone tiles and top floating red lacquered vanities with light gray concrete countertops and stainless-steel vessel sinks. If you have a plan to change only the color of the walls and the floor still with gray bathroom tiles, then you have a sufficient scope for the choice of colors. To choose the color of a wall in this case, remember what color the best combined with a gray color, and many of them.

Of course, with combination of gray-gray colors make the decision seems boring, but do not rush to take the conclusion. All of those ‘ordinary’ things can be diluted with colorful curtains, carpets, and the other accessories. Use universal color that can be combined with the floor of a white color. White is probably color the most suitable for small bathroom, because visually improve the space, make the rooms look bright. White walls will be perfect combined with sanitary white, so the main bathroom furniture and the closet like a bathtub should use a white color, so the bathroom appear clean and healthy. To add to the impression of natural fresh, you can put a green plant in a pot placed in some corners of the bathroom. Bathing is not only fresh but also fun.

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