Makerland – Living room is a place that usually you use in your home. In this place, you usually make your time for socializing with family member and receive guest. This is a place to gather family member to relax and chit chat. This is also a place for you to welcome friend, relative and entertain guest. This place is really important place for you, so you have to consider the style you want to apply for your living room. How your living rooms look like now? Is it plain? Have you decorated it correctly? Don’t worry, if your living room looks plain, you can try to add green color to your living room.

Why must you use green? Green is representation for natural color, leaves, fresh, and calm situation. This is the perfect color for your living room. Decorate your living room with green will make your room minimalist, bright, and you can get natural feel too. Being in green living room will make you feel balance, harmony, and peace. People also believe that green will give the optimistic and hope sensation to the living room. This green living room also suitable to decorate the room in the summer when the flower are blooming and plant are growing. You do not have to go outside to enjoy this season because you can decorate your living room like that too.

There are many green living rooms ideas you can apply in your home. Just search on the internet and you will find many pictures about green living rooms. You will find many pictures with different shading, arrangement, lighting, and color combination. Get as much as information about green living rooms idea and choose which the green living room ideas that suitable for you. You can add green accent to your living room with addition of green sofa, green rugs, some plants, or decorate your wall with green. This green accent will make your living room feel alive.

You can add the color combination too. You can combine green with brown. This color combination are amazing, you can try combine green sofa and brown wooden table. Green and brown combination will make your living room more exciting. You can combine green color with orange, beige, pink, or yellow to decorate pillow, wall, curtain, and many more. You can make the color combination based on the green living room you found in the internet.

Here are the Green Living Rooms Pictures :

Green living rooms Adorable

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Green living rooms Bright

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Green living rooms Cool

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