Makerland – How do you usually pick the color for your room? When you want to pick a color for your room, the alternatives sure are to be perpetual. The color plan for the room must be a sensitive harmony color. You can choose the contrast color like black and white to make your room more fascinating. Why is it black and white? Well, black can give impression of confidence and elegance. However, if the color is too much it can reduce the mood and gave the negative statement.

Combining black and white can give a different atmosphere. White can give the impression of cleanliness, but this color can give the empty feeling if it too much. So, combining black and white can make your room in balance. The great combination from this contrast color can make the room very simple, elegant, and classic. Many people have applied this color combination to decorate their living room, bathroom, bedroom, and many more. This is your chance to make your room more beautiful with black and white! Why do you wait? Start to decorate your black and white rooms now!

You can start by choosing the room you want to decorate then you have to make a good plan for your room. A good planning is required for decorating black and white rooms. Plan your room will look like by choosing the color combination and furniture arrangement. Planning color combination and furniture arrangement are really important before you start decorating your room. Why are the color combination and furniture arrangement really important? If you decorate your room only in black and white, and in unbalance arrangement, you will get the room sensation as stark, bold, and boring. You don’t want your room sensation become like that, right? So, if you want to create black and white rooms, make sure you pick the color combination and arrange the furniture correctly.

Color combination in black and white can be applied in the room that have good planning, because they must be located in the correct way so that it can avoid the negative statement. You can add color combination with addition of some elements to liven up the room. You can add some bright color combination like yellow, red, and green. This bright color can be made by the addition of plants and flower. They could liven up space and good for air too. You can also add wood element like wooden table to make the room warmer. Add leather furniture, such as leather sofa, leather dining chair, or leather pillow to make the room more luxurious.

Here are the Black and White Rooms Pictures:

Black and White Rooms Living Room

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Black and White Rooms With cabinet

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Black and White Rooms Bedroom

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