Makerland – Many people are still confused to decorate and design their living room. But, we all know that living room must be designed and decorated in comfortable. The most important factor which will support the design of a living room is the selection of the color theme. The adding of any elegant and even bright color theme into elegant living room design will be certainly required. Blue is a perfect color for any living room design since it can create a calm, clean and also contemporary atmosphere.

Moreover, it is applicable and suitable for any style, whether is traditional or modern. Blue which always offers a sign of freshness and clean look will be more elegance when it is placed and combined with brown. Blue and brown living room made a perfect and elegant impression toward your living room style. A cool blue shade that commonly selected as the representation of sky will look natural when it is combined with warm brown which also reflect the earth. Use these blue and brown shades as the dominant and primary shades in your living room. Add the other color such as white, gray or black as the accents of your blue and brown primary shades.

Blue and a brown living room has an aesthetical look when it is designed for a perfect shade. There will be many shades of blue and brown that can be combined together. You can choose any royal blue, light blue, turquoise and many other blue shades to combine with any brown shade too. For the most important for you to do before going to decorate or design your living room, decide the theme that will be used. Choose your favorite style or theme which will be applied to your living room design, whether is vintage or modern style.

Blue and a brown living room will need and require a certain budget that will influence the selection of design, furniture and also the other complements. You should ensure your budget before the process of decoration. Design and decorate the blue and brown design or furniture in a great composition and proportion. You can add some pattern or accents to your blue and brown living room, such as the adding of some pictures, photos, and the other accessories. Any sufficient and great lighting installations are also necessary to highlight your living room especially at the evening.

Here are the Blue and Brown Living Room Pictures:

Blue and Brown Living Room with Giraffe Dool

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Blue ang Brown Living Room Decor

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