Makerland – Do you like vintage but want to use something different from retro? You can use mid century modern to make your home look like in the past. Mid century modern style is a bit different from retro, this style is created in mid 20th century after the war end. This decoration also has different purpose from vintage retro. Mid century modern resembles home decoration after the war and they are resembles people’s hope to see the future world that always in peace without thinking about what happen in the past.

Mid century modern is futuristic and modern. They are using sleek design and minimalist furniture like minimalist decoration today. Mid century modern has been widely applied in home decoration today for decorating living room and kitchen. Decorating mid century living room has been done by many people, but mid century modern kitchen is very rare decoration you can see today. Kitchen design in the 1960s using shiny metal furniture, light colored wall, pastel designs accent, and flat wood paneled. You don’t need to add this entire furniture in your kitchen; maybe a few of the mid century modern kitchen touch can make your home more interesting.

If you like the mid century modern, try decorating your kitchen with this style too. To make mid century modern kitchen there are things you must consider. First, consider the wall color. Paint the wall with white to make the high quality craftsmanship become center of attention. People in this era are proud of the craftsmanship product that they use in their home because it has a high quality and material. White can also make the other furniture look stunning. You can also use light yellow and green that will blend well with white or light wooden cabinet. Or if you desire to combine the color for the cabinet, choose white or cream wall.

Cabinet color popular in mid century kitchen are light green, yellow, and green. Use the clean lines in your kitchen if you have curve plain kitchen cabinet and flat wood. Add smooth and shiny stainless steel, and marble to countertop table or kitchen island surface using light springy bark from a type of oak tree to laminate flooring. Keep your kitchen simple, clean, untidy. You can create smooth and shiny white and dark wooden surface and kitchen chairs and lighting to make mid century modern kitchen. Choose retro or antique lighting to make kitchen island or pub stools commonly used in 1960.

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