Makerland – Have you ever dream of having luxurious bedrooms? Most people will say yes for this question. Women especially, surely ever hope to have romantic luxurious bedrooms just like in the movies and have fabulous stories as the leading actress in the drama. To have luxurious bedrooms, there are things that should be remembered in choosing the design of your dream bedroom. First, we should remember the primary function of bedroom. Since it is a place for a rest, it would better if we do not put too much stuff in this room so that we can get nice sleep after working all day.

Secondly, discuss with your partner the kind of bedroom that you want and suit you well. Then, remember that having luxurious bedrooms is not just putting expensive stuff into the room. To get the luxurious feel, furniture placement, items selection must be precise so that they can look radiant. And, it is important to match your bedroom concept with the theme of your house. In many perspectives, Victorian design indeed closely related to luxury concept. It is not entirely wrong since Victorian design indeed can make you feel like aristocrats.

But, besides Victorian concept, there are many other themes that you can choose to build sophisticated feeling from your room. For example, you can go with minimalist or even rather gloomy or dark concept for your dream bedroom. Simple design or minimalist concept will go well to create elegant and modern feel whereas the dark or gloomy concept can show our self-actualization represented in your room. Whatever kinds of concept, the most important thing to create luxurious bedroom is how you can pay attention to the details in that room. Luxurious and expensive stuff such as crystal chandelier, floral wallpaper, linen and silk bed cover can help to create sophisticated look in the room. We need also to pay attention in small things like rugs, mirror, carpet and also accessories for the room to make it perfect and flawless.

If we live in cold area, fireplace design is also important. As a tip, you can put painting or accessories above the fireplace so that it does not leave blank or empty. Most people choose to paint their wall with neutral and soft color for their room, but if you want to be extraordinary, rather than just coloring the wall, you can use brick or give texture to the wall. Lastly, in designing your dream bedroom, it is good also to do research about bedroom ideas to add your references of the kinds of model that suit you best including the price of the model.

Here are the Modern and Luxurious Bedrooms Images:

Modern and Luxurious Bedrooms Black and Red

1. Luxurious Atlantis 8 Piece Comforter Set

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Modern and Luxurious Bedrooms Grey

2. Leta Collection 7-Piece Lightweight Comforter Set

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Modern and Luxurious Bedrooms Brown

3. Brown Beige Bamboo Leaves Tropical Comforter Set

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Modern and Luxurious Bedrooms Blue

4. Home collection 8 pc embroidered comforter set

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Modern and Luxurious Bedrooms White

5. J&M Furniture Verona White Lacquer & Leather

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