Makerland – A kitchen is another important factor which must be considered in order to provide comfort for those who cook in it. Started from the kitchen, an appetizing meal you can feel every day and the quality of our health will be maintained. A kitchen has contributed much, so what is wrong if we design our kitchen with a slick? If you had come from the village, you might often feel nostalgic with a rustic atmosphere that you used to; it is a good option if you can mix modern and rustic style in your kitchen.

What do you think of mixed modern kitchen with rustic style to make a modern rustic kitchen? To give the rustic atmosphere you can design your kitchen with some classic interior, such as bamboo, wood, brick, stone, and others. Although the interior you use leads to a classical interior, you can still give a modern element that you also seem luxurious home. This may be necessary to balance modern design house which the average city used to. To give the impression of truly modern rustic kitchen, you can insert some classic furniture in your kitchen. As for the modern impression you can give a touch of attractive and bold colors so your kitchen will still look enchanting. Some of classic furniture such as a bamboo chair, a vase of wood or else those things that you think are capable of giving rustic impression.

To create a modern rustic kitchen design, modern elements in the kitchen is usually carry the theme of simple, modest and not a lot of detail. While the rustic elements are usually carry the theme of graceful, artistic, and focuses on the details so that the design of this modern rustic kitchen will still show the concept of warm and full of artistic value. For a unique lighting and antique, rustic modern kitchen can use a chandelier on the ceiling. Rustic kitchen decor is dominated by wooden furniture, and decorations made from nature. For example is a dried plant or dry twigs that have been treated in such a way so it stays preserved and beautiful.

You can also put a few pots of soil material. Chic patterned curtains will adorn the small window and chic patterned wallpaper can also be used for decoration. To get the maximum results in your modern kitchen design classics, give a touch with the right colors of paint. Make sure that one of the colors in the room there is a vibrant color, such as gray color combined with orange or red. It is expected that the impression in your kitchen is not dead.

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Modern Rustic Kitchen Marble

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