Makerland – Bedroom is an important part of the house, its private room that serves as a place of rest for home residents. Rest at the night after tired doing activities all day is the moment to be wait by peoples. Spend a little of extra funds and time to design your bedroom so that it become the most convenient space in your house. Designing a comfortable bedroom is probably something that everyone desired, in addition to make them comfortable when they are sleeping but also affect the terms of the aesthetic aspect their bedroom. You can pick nautical bedroom as an interior design idea for your bedroom. Nautical might create a mysterious impression, but we can also symbolize it as a form of free and beauty.

However, the concept of a bedroom with this theme will also give warmth, cool, and romantic atmosphere. Beach, sea, fish, shells, and algae having the unique and very attractive shapes as the pattern for coating pattern in your nautical bedroom. Apply this theme doesn’t always make you to be stunned with the blue color. Pastels color will look more creative and unique, its soft and light ambiance presenting a warmth and comfortable atmosphere in our master bedroom.

A four short legs bed carved with interlacing shells as its pattern and finishing with cream-pastel-color melamine make the bed looks coated by the real shells. Soft furnishing consisting of wallpaper, sheets, padding bed, and curtains are laid out in unity of analogue orange pastel color, from transparent orange until bright orange pastel. The pattern of shells for wallpaper and pillowcase bring the atmosphere of the sea which unique. Paintings of the beach, the sea, or ship will strengthen its atmosphere. You can apply nautical bedroom that fun and imaginative for your child. It is become popular for the children bedroom nowadays, so it is easy to find the furniture and decoration for it.

The concept of pirates has been picking as the best design for boys bedroom by many parents. You can put a bed with a boat shape as the center of attention of their room. Add furniture from wood and shells to emphasize the theme, and a big compass pattern in a ceiling or tiles. An ornament and accessories like a pirate flag with a picture of the one eyed skull can be applied to strengthen the theme of a pirate to the room, it’s also can be used as wallpaper pattern. Some action figure also could be displayed but don’t be excessive.

Here are the Nautical Bedroom Images:


1. Harbor House Brisbane Comforter Set, Queen

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2. Harbor House Summer Beach

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3. Harbor House Beach House King

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4. LOVO Nautical Adventure

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5. Wharf Boat Ship Waves Nautical Anchor

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