Makerland – You have a pool and felt that it is one feature the most important in your house. It serves as a welcome recess after tiring works all day or refreshing break throughout the heat and humid days and nights. Certainly you want your pool is evidently beautiful and serves as well as it should. Once you dealing with how to increase the safety, beauty, and functions of your pool, pool pavers is a choice that must be seriously thought. Choosing to pool pavers is probably has its own challenges.

In addition to the aspects of beauty, we must also ensure that it is safe and quite protective. Definitely you don’t want water in your pool overflow and flooded the surrounding. Besides, it must have not slippery character, so that you not easily slip over if you walk on it. In order to anticipate slippery, slate pavers pool is considered to be one that ideal for used in your pool. Slate is quite durable, waterproof, and strong as chlorine that is added in your pool will not ruin the layer of these rocks. Because the texture of its surface is very natural, it will increase the beauty of the pool, so your pool become like located in a nature.

Furthermore, it doesn’t require necessary maintenance, just needs occasional cleansing. It’s now present in a variant of the color of the earth, starting from gray, brown, black, dark green, dark purple, red brick, and others. Slate is not capable to absorb water or succulence, so put a rug in either side of your pool for wiping your wet feet. Textured linoleum also one kind of pool pavers which suitable to your pool because its durability, intensity, and resistance to the humid area, so this type have its own appeal. But this type is not suitable to use in an open pool, its prevalent in a closed pool with the air temperature that always being checked. In contrast to usual linoleum that slippery, textured linoleum having a rough surface so that resistant to prop the feet or wet shoes and people who stands on it will not slip over.

Pool pavers from cement are another alternative that you can use as well being border for your pool. However, you should make the surface slightly textured, if not it will make your pool risky to cause slip. To give more artistic touch, you can paint it So that colors look livelier, visually appealing, and not too monotonous. You can either apply a particular motive or a color combination so that appear to be more beautiful. Its weakness is easily cracked. It would be difficult to repair when it cracks. The only way is patching it, but it will bring lousy view to your pool.

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