Makerland – Need to recharge your energy after the long tiring day without going anywhere? Resting in our own home is definitely working. Home, particularly our own bedroom indeed exists to provide comfort and some privacy for its owner. Hence, it is very important to make your special space comfortable through the way we manage the room. Color choosing is significant to build the mood in a room. To recharge the energy, you can use red to create red bedrooms which can accentuate your room.

Red is believed as the color which can give you warmth, passion, vitality, and classy feeling in the room. Creating red bedrooms by putting some red in your room can be interesting idea to try. Adding red in the room surely can lighten up the mood. In using red, based on my opinion, it will not look great if you paint all walls area in red. The overuse of red will make the bedroom feels hot and your eyes will not comfortable with it. The best method in using red is by painting them in one or two wall areas to make focus point and bring energy to the room while the other side of the walls is painted in more neutral colors.

Red is also good to be combined with black. A good proportion of the combination will give exotic and classy feeling for the owner. Remember, do not go overboard with those two colors or else, the room will become too dark. Bold coloring between red and white is still popular. The harmony and the balance of those two provide comfort and elegant atmosphere in the bedroom. As for decoration, red can go well with most color, whether they are dark or soft. But still, if you want to make red as the focus point in your bedroom, it will be better to go with neutral or soft colors because they can make red more outstanding than other colors.

For bed, you can use black, gray or white for the cover sheet and red for the blanket and for pillow. The combination of the three colors (black, white, red or black, gray, red) will be perfect too. The use of red with brown or yellow pillows in a white cover sheet and red blanket is adorable too. For furniture, you can use red in most furniture such as for table, chair, lamp, closet, rugs, carpet and other stuff. But still, do not go overboard with red! Good luck to create your red bedrooms!

Here are the Red Bedrooms Ideas Images:

Red Bedrooms with Curtain

1. Lightweight Comforter Set, King, Red

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Red Bedrooms with Pillow

2. 10 Piece Queen Dawson Black and Red Comforter Set

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Red Bedrooms Simple

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Red Bedrooms White

4. Lightweight Reversible Down Alternative Summer Comforter Set, Queen, Red/Charcoal

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Red Bedrooms King

5. Chezmoi Collection 7-piece Red Floral Hibiscus Embroidery Beige

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