Makerland – Own a small kitchen model is force you to think a little harder to overcome the needs of the room that only accommodated by small and narrow space. Meanwhile, as most of the kitchen, there are so many kitchen furniture and utilities which need decent save space. Most people would choose to decorate their small kitchen with a touch of monochrome design and a simple facade. This way is the most classic tricks to keep the limited room felt wider and comfortable. But some people starting to feel the color of monochrome black and its gradation is a bit boring and sometimes give an impression of monotonous.

Some people who have young spirited and cheerful characters rather fond of bright and bold colors that brought by retro kitchen ideas to liven up the atmosphere of their kitchen. But they don’t have courage to do it, by the reason of fear of screwing up the goal to make their kitchen looks wider. The retro kitchen ideas using paints wall or wallpaper with a bright colors is one of a trick to bring the impression that the room looks wider. You can apply pastel colors that look harmonious for your kitchen walls and ceiling.

For a stylish retro kitchen, you should pick colors like off-white, faded blue, cream, or light brown. Customize the wall with porcelain floor which have classic and traditional pattern, or the simplest is flowery pattern. When you design your kitchen interior, windows and partition holds of a very important role because it used to give the looks of wider room and make the kitchen healthier. Pick the windows frame and partition which have unique design, so your kitchen looks more classic and elegant. One element that also important to retro kitchen ideas is a proper selection for kitchen furniture. Furniture that generally placed on the kitchen is stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and kitchen sets.

To the kitchen cabinets, you should pick more wall unit to save the room. Retro kitchen is usually marked with kitchen sets and utensils that made by wood. But, to promote its vintage shades, you should paint the furniture with the color of the vintage, like off-white or light blue. Put a variety of distinctive ornament like a soil pot, a dried plants, an ornament to place above the table, and a classic chandelier to give more vintage feels inside it. So, how about you take the courage to bringing these retro kitchen ideas to your house this time? It would be fun if your kitchen appears more garishly and displaying your own characters.

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