Makerland – Nowadays, with the increase price of premium real estate and economic difficulties, not every home has a large yard. Having small yard doesn’t mean that you can’t install swimming pool. Having swimming pool can increase the value of your home and you can enjoy, relax, and have a place to let your stress go because of your activity or work every day. If you interesting to install swimming pool in your yard, here are many interesting small pool ideas available in the internet. You will find many small pool ideas that may suitable for your yard with the right arrangement and construction. You even can find the small pool ideas that decorated beautifully so that you will want to make swimming pool like on the pictures.

When you desire a swimming pool, you may be covered with several questions. What is the type of pool that you can install in your small yard? Well, there are various materials you can use to install your swimming pool such as fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl. Before decide the material, you better think about the size and shape of your swimming pool because some materials have a certain size that sometimes cannot be use in any yard. Fiberglass sometimes limited in certain sizes, and depend on the fiberglass manufacture, you may not find the fiberglass available for your swimming pool size. People sometimes think about the fiberglass will fit in the house or not, because there is case which the fiberglass is too big to be located in the yard and we can’t crane it because it is not common. Not many people do this although it is the easiest way.

Unlike fiberglass, vinyl and concrete have various shapes and has less limitation. From the three materials, which is having less maintenance? Okay, let’s start analyzing one by one. Fiberglass may become the best material that have less maintenance and can be used for a long term. Vinyl having more maintenance than fiberglass, it need chemical and cleaning and the liner should be replaced every 8-11 years. Concrete is the most difficult maintenance and have long term basis.

After considering the maintenance, next question is: what is the best shape for small pool? Each yard is different and ensures that you choose the shape that fit your yard. The most common shape use for small pool is free-form pools. This free-form pool like curvy pools and kidney shape will lose some water because of the free-form characteristic. This also can add chair and patio in your pool if it is possible. Small pool in the yard today using small pools ideas today are now like we are seeing in many places is fiberglass become popular in the areas which have really small yards. Fiberglass also becomes popular in Florida nowadays. However, concrete still being the most popular to install small pools in there.

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