Makerland – Bedroom is a place we used to rest at noon and sleep at night. Different bedroom decoration is varied from people and can be more contrast between woman and man. The bedroom decoration for woman is very difficult, because they like beautiful, and sometimes want to feel the luxury in their bedroom. The woman bedroom is not simple, they have much storage furniture to save their belonging such as bags, jewelry, shoes, and many more. Unlike woman, bedroom decoration for men is very simple so that it rarely becomes the attention.

Most of them didn’t decor the room correctly and just leave the room as they wish without considering aesthetics. While most of them don’t care about the bedroom decoration, a few men want to decorate their bedroom that suits their personality. Most of the men want to show their masculine personality, so masculine decoration for bedroom is really popular. Leather plays an important part for masculine bedroom, because a touch of leather makes them remember home. Masculine bedroom can be built by using minimalist color and less detailed furniture. You can use gray and black to create the dark shades. Most of the man likes the simplicity and minimalist, they don’t like details and much furniture.

Cleanliness is also the reason behind the minimalist, because cleanliness can be showed with the less the furniture. It could seem not stylish at all, but if you arrange the furniture, wallpaper, and accessories in a balance way, the bedroom will have the best decoration in your home. Grey may become favorite color for bedroom wall, because it gives the elegance look when it is combined with black furniture. Furniture arrangement will make the room with gray wall more stunning and not monotonous. You can also use the gray color for the accessories such as bedding sheet and draperies, if the gray wall not pleases you. Full gray color in the wall can also make the room gloomy if it is not supported by the right lighting, contrast color combination, and furniture arrangement. Don’t miss the lighting, you can get the lighting from a simple lamp and large windows.

You can also use blue bedding sheet. This color can be perfect for the room to give the light shading in your bedroom. Another bedroom ideas for men is using the classic style. The classic style never boring, they are timeless, and suit for all the people. Classic bedroom decorations can make the room situation warmer and fashionable. Brown color and vintage items combination, like old photo frame and old camera model make the room more classic. Animal and wooden pattern also can be added to the bedroom ideas for men to make the sexy situation. You can search other bedroom ideas for men that available in the internet to give you more inspiration.

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