Makerland – In recent years, rustic style can be very interesting, fun and stylish option for your home interior design. It becomes a brilliant idea for those of people who want to renovate and give life to their old home design. The rustic style is commonly addressed for a country or holiday house. But, most of the rustic styles are also used on any modern apartments since able to create a cozy ambiance. Rustic style will also available and applicable to be combined with the other styles, such as industrial rustic style which also popular on these days. It is always versatile since applicable for each of different room and offers a natural ambiance to your decor.

Free form shapes, natural materials and the art of repurposing should be emphasized on your rustic rooms. A lot of home designers will prefer any minimalist and rough items to be placed on their rustic home decor. Contrasting textures and natural elements which mixed with metals will create a warmth and friendly atmosphere. There are many materials which can be used to reflect your rustic style for your rooms. For the common and basic material which are always used for a natural rustic style is weathered woods, such as oak, hickory and beech will be fitted with the rugged feeling of your rustic style.

Another great material for rustic style reflection is metal. The option of warm metals such as the touch of rust and hammered finish will be a great option. For the example, you can choose to iron, bronze, pewter and copper for any features on your rustic style includes side tables, bedsteads, baker’s racks, lighting and the other fixtures. But, it will be better for you to avoid any cool metal and shiny finishes like stainless steel and chrome which related to a modern and contemporary style.

Most of rustic rooms can also be reached from cozy colors such as denim blue, forest green, and faded khaki. And for the pattern, any traditional includes plaid, patchwork and calico. The selection furniture will be also important for your rustic style. Find any classic and old furniture are useful to enhance your rustic touch. High ceiling and the combination of natural wooden floors, old wooden beams will be the best start of your rustic style for your home decor. Get a lot of great references which can inspire you in the designing and decorating process for satisfying result.

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Rustic Rooms Bed

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Rustic Rooms Decor

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Rustic Rooms Living Room

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Rustic Rooms Dining Room

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Rustic Rooms White Chair

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