First Marketing & Technology Conference Testimonials

Hi guys, here are some testimonials of the attendants.

We would love to see you on the next one!

Their Experience Testimonials.

It always amazes me how talented people can go from idea to functional project in a day, and the makerland Hackathon left me (and LOTS of others) energized and ready to go home to make new things.  -Ian Cole, Make

Makerland has been my favourite conference for marketing in at least couple of years, came back so excited it’s crazy. thank you guys.
-Emile Petrone, CEO of Tindie

It was fantastic! It was an incredibly well run event that will stand out for me for a long time too! the marketing speeches were speechless! i’m so grateful for everything! thank you guys!
-Daniel Friedman, CEO of Ninja Blocks

Last 3 Days i’ve spent on a completely different world and i enjoyed it a lot! as soon as i get home i started creating brainstorming ideas, projects and more!
– Wojtek Erebetowski

Goodbye Warsaw. You & Makerland Surpassed all my expectations. Thanks again guys! i’m looking forward the next conferences.
-Allan McCullagh

On my way back to Chicago after a ridiculously excellent Makerland Event! Huge thank you guys for being amazing hosts and give us the “change” the we need on our marketing and technology approaches.
-Jason Huggins

Had an awesome time at makerland conference and in warsaw, great conference and the marketing company from seo miami that gave their speech also unbelievable such a great weekend!
-Axel Thellman

Seriously this is the most organised, well planned, charming marketing event i’ve been to someone huge needs to snap up! forbes marketing
-Roman Bocall

And many, many more testimonials that you guys have made possible.
We’re going to be back again with a new & better version of Makerland.