Makerland – What will be the best bathroom color in 2015? The answer may be various from one person to another. However, when it comes to the latest trends bathroom color for 2015, the answer will be gray and white colors. These colors success make people who see it fall in love with the harmonization resulted between these colors. Gray and white color can be used as the theme for your bathroom. You can make an elegant and adorable bathroom in gray and white color.

You can take gray color as the domination color of the bathroom wall. Gray color comes in many variations, such as light gray, medium gray and dark gray. You can choose one of the gradations gray color to apply in your gray and white bathroom. You can choose to have striped printed design in gray and white for the wall color. Light gray can give warm and soft atmosphere into your bathroom. The combination of gray and white color can be used for man and woman bathroom. It is the miscellaneous color that suitable enough for the main bathroom as well as woman bathroom. If you decide to take gray color as the main color for the wall, you can balance it by picking the white color as the color for the bathroom accessories.

You can purchase for some white framed mirror and white sink vanities for your bathroom. There are many bathroom tools and furniture that come in white colors. You can find them by buying it online or in retail shops. You can choose white tile and bathroom rug for your bathroom. White color grow for its popularity in giving neutral color and elegant look for almost any room in your house, but the combination result between gray and white have given magnificent view in any color shades. You can place some green plants in your gray and white bathroom.

The bathroom is a personal room that often used for various purposes. Of course, the main purpose is for cleaning and bathing, but some people add some entertainment things into their bathroom. The function of the bathroom has changed as the time goes by. Some people love to be in their bathroom for relaxing and releasing some nerves. When you feel tired and want to get an escape, you can go to your gray and white bathroom and soak in the bath tub. Put your favorite essence into the water and you are ready to soak while reading your favorite books.

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