Makerland – Living room is a place where you spend most of the time to relaxing, socializing with family member, and sometimes receive the guest. This room must be decorated in some way so that it is not look plain. Do you decorate your living room correctly? If you feel that your living room decoration is not good, you can try decorating your living room with vintage style. Vintage style for home is very popular lately. This decoration which combine the interior with old items become popular because some people like item from the past and they think its captivating. Vintage style is style from 1960s. This style will make your room more stylish.

Vintage style also can make the room sensation as classic, luxurious, and very admiring. You can make vintage living room by displaying some old items like typewriter, treasure box, or old model cameras. The addition of typewriter will make the room vintage, because today people don’t use the typewriter anymore, they use computer instead. You can use the existing typewriter you have or just buy it on the store. This will make your room really cool. Add the treasure box will make you remember the time when you are young, if your birth is in the 1960s. Add the old camera model in the living room is very captivating. Once you put in the living room, it will be the center of attention!

You can find many old cameras available on the internet. It has varied model and price range, so that you can choose based on your budget. You can add contemporary fireplace, sofas, coffee table, and rugs to make the room more vintage. Consider the lighting too. You can get a light background from a pendant to give the room more classy with the shade of light. Search in the internet to get the vintage living room ideas for your home. Internet will give you many ideas to design your vintage living room available in the internet.

You will find a lot of vintage living room ideas with pictures that can help you find the vintage living room that you want. There are pictures with different arrangement and color combination that you can use for designing your vintage living room. You can ask the professional design interior to give you some advice about vintage living room ideas. You can also ask your friend, parent, even your grandparent for advice about how to decorating your room with vintage style. They will be happy to help you.

Here are the Vintage Living Room Pictures:

Vintage Living Room Traditional

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Vintage Living Room Modern

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Vintage Living Room Cool

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