About Us

Hi, my name is Tom Fintch. I’ve been involved in technology since 2014. Technology is an exciting and enjoyable part of life. As such I strive to bring people who are like-minded together. Markerland is an organized conference for individuals with a great interest in knowing about the “internet things” as good marketing of products. If you want to be a marker, attend the conferences. The conferences are organized around the world, and they are held for some days. Each day carries specific events with numerous participants taking part.

You’ll learn about technology and marketing. I ensure you are exposed to the latest technology such as 3D printing, Arduino, robots, iBeacons, micro-location, and Raspberry Pi among other numerous. Have you ever imagine building a robot? This type of conference will teach you how to create various kinds of hardware stuff. Besides, there are enough resources to learn about programming the robots, the robot to human interface devices, as well as the creation of home intelligence systems.

When it comes to marketing, nothing beats the expertise at Markerland conferences. Experts From the developed world share many tips on how to win clients. They do so by sharing their tools, goals, and ideas. This way they create more outreach and cooperation with other companies, enabling them more exposure as well as a recommendation. Key points are guidelines, content, and quality.

At every conference, get talks from experienced and talented markers. The markers give inspirational speeches. Some important pro markers include Ninja block’s Daniel Friedman and Kate Drane of Indiegogo. I foster the need to share great ideas and experiences to build a technology fast world. Talks are usually followed by severe stuff. Here is where you learn how to create serious stuff. This occurs through 16 asynchronous workshop sessions