Makerland – Nowadays we can found various staircase designs and shapes that will be applied in the house. Designing staircase often looks trivial, but it will be a problem when we have planned to place it in a narrow room size. Moreover, making staircase must not only pay attention for the function of it’s as connector the below and top floor, but also for its aesthetic factors. Designers believed that good design and shapes will deprive the suggestion about the burden when going up the stairs.

Staircase with L shape, U shape, a spiral shape is trustworthy for used in a narrow room for minimalist house. That shape chosen because it will make the stairs become not too steep if the staircase placed in a narrow space. L shape staircase is a staircase that on the certain height have detoured directions. Many people use it in a modern house because it can be placed on the corner of space and it is detoured direction of this staircase usually used for borders. You can advantage every inch of free space beneath L shape staircase for displaying area or cabinet.

U shape staircase almost same with L shape, the difference is this shapes in a certain height not only turn the direction but the return of the direction of come. The space beneath U shape staircase is larger than L shape, so you can use it for a room like for study, office, and many others. Spiral shape is the most space less staircase. Usually it is only need no more than 1,5 x 1,5 area. Usually used as stairs to the attic or place a clothesline. Floating staircase design is one of the solutions to make mobility in home remain executed comfortable with L or U shapes staircase. Material for floating staircase could include steel, stainless steel, and glass. Floating staircase design can make the room look more spacious so it is best for narrow space.

The key of floating design is its stair can stick solidly on the wall with the concrete structure and steel embedded on the wall. You can add baluster that seemed like support the stairs and hanged it on the ceiling of the room. The baluster actually serves as railing that made the stairs as if hanging. With this staircase design, Stairs no longer become burden, because of floating stairs give the impression of “float” sensation, indirectly deprive our suggestion on staircase that have weight impressed.

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Modern Staircase Spiral

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