Makerland – For those of you who love the beach and its view, having a nautical living room can be the best choice for you. When we are feeling stress and mess, coming to the beach or sea, sits on the white sand, see the blue crystal water and feel the breeze of the air can give us power to stand up and fight the problem we face. The power of nature is so amazing and stunning. Nature gives us positive vibes that can give us strength and power to face the world. Bring this positive energy into your house by presenting nautical theme in your living room.

Nautical is equal to sea. It means that you can bring sea theme into your house. There are many inspirations we can get when we come to the sea. You can start to make a nautical living room by bring blue color as the dominant color in the sea into your wall. You can choose soft blue or navy blue color for painting your living room wall. Seeing blue color on your wall will remind you of the blue sky and the crystal water you see on the beach or sea. You can find the unique table and sofa with soft color for making an attractive view in your living room. Try to make a focal point in your living room by purchasing a rustic chest as the table for your living room.

The rustic chest will remain you with the pirates which sailing in the sea. Choose some beautiful ornaments and decorations for creating the real nautical living room in your house. You can pick any branch, sea star, white sand, sea shells and pieces of coral that can be used as the decoration for your living room. It will make people feel the nautical theme you want to create in your living room. You can try to take beige and yellow for the furniture color.

You can choose chevron or stripes printed in blue color for the rug. You can place some fresh flowers for the addition in your table. Choose some fresh flowers with bright colors. It will give tropical touch into your nautical living room. You can add some artworks and paint about sea or beach for the wall decoration. There are many pieces of stuff can be added to giving beautiful touch in your living room. Nautical theme will look good on any living room spaces, whether it is small or the spacious ones.

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nautical living room brown

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nautical living room white

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nautical living room blue

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