MakerlandCeiling treatments must be considered because ceiling will be one of the home aesthetics beside wall and floor. Large rooms will need high ceiling, and small rooms need low ceiling. The large room with lower ceiling will make the room feel tight and will make the room not good. Small rooms with high ceiling will provide poor aesthetics decoration. This will make the room awkward. You can make various ceiling height based on your need to create different activity zoned. High ceiling will make people who enter it feels like in public area.

Paint the ceiling with dark color will make the ceiling feeling lower, create more intimate atmosphere and paint the ceiling with light color will make the room feel larger because this color will reflect the light from lamps or sunshine. You don’t have to worry if you have a small room because there are many advice to make your ceiling looks higher. First, use the color ceiling lighter than walls such as white. Some interior designer suggested to paint the wall more than it should to be, paint it two or three inches above the perimeter wall to make the ceiling look higher so that it give the room illusion large.

Second, hang your picture higher than usual. Hanging the frames that will normally you do. Hanging the frame above the door will give illusion that the room has a higher ceiling. Third, choose decorative paneling to make your ceiling colorful so that it will make the ceiling higher. Fourth, you can add vase with grasses or blossoming branch or flower to make eye movement slower than it should be before looking upward at the ceiling. Fifth, avoid using fans or pendant lights to make the ceiling not become the center attention.

However, if you want to add pendant or whatsoever, you should hang it higher than it normally hanging to make the ceiling look higher. Sixth, you also can remodel the room by replace the model of door you used. You can use to door that higher than before or place the door that higher than before and make sure the door is close to ceiling. Seventh, use vertical strips to make height illusion using the vertical strips than horizontal. Eighth, you can also add the curtain hanging from ceiling to floor to make the room higher. Ninth, use less horizontal furniture pattern to create the distant between furniture and ceiling.

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Ceiling Treatments Wood

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Ceiling Treatments Brown

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Ceiling Treatments Cool

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