Makerland – Courtyard is an open place filled with beautiful scenery that will make you enjoy your home. This place is always surrounded by a high wall and open up to the sky. Courtyard used to be build in a meeting room, restaurant, and many places. Nowadays, the concept of courtyard has been used in private home. Many people already build courtyard in their home because it can make they feel relaxed and entertaining. Do you have a courtyard in your home? Some people have already had courtyard in their home. If you don’t have it yet, you should make one.

Courtyard is suitable for any home style such as traditional, modern, vintage, or country. This place can be use as a place for children to play, ventilation, and give a fresh look in your home. Having a courtyard can make your home more beautiful and add a value if you want to sell it later. Courtyard also can make your home stay cool in during summer. You can make the courtyard that suitable with your home space. Many people think courtyard only can be build in the back, but actually you can make courtyard wherever you want.

You can make a courtyard near the living room, bedroom, or anywhere you want. Building backyard near living room will give your living room natural feel and make you feel relaxed. Backyard which is located near living room is really good choice, because when you sit on there you can view the backyard that is beautiful. You can fill the backyard with plants, flowers, and grass. You can also add glass door to separate the backyard and the room. This glass door will make you seem like the backyard not separated from your living room, but actually it separated them. This will give advantage to you, if it rains, you can close the glass door to make your room stay dry.

You can also make your courtyard with pool! Yes courtyard with pool will be great for your home. You can make a small pool and several plants surround it or you can make a large pool that connected the room before and after the pool. If you have large courtyard you can make a pool, plants flower and plant, place a chair and a table set, and several lamps on the courtyard, to make the courtyard shine in the night. This combination of plant, water, and seating make your courtyard very beautiful, and make natural feel. You can check in the internet for some courtyard design that suitable for your home. Find as much as inspiration that you can use for design your courtyard.

Here are the Courtyard Designs Pictures:

Courtyard Designs Cozy

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Courtyard Designs Outdoor

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Courtyard Designs Atractive

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