Makerland – French country style is elegance, natural, use rustic accessories to your living room. French country living room is warm and comfortable. When you want to decorate your living room with French county style, consider using the color that can give warm and comfortable feeling. To start decorating your room with French country style, think about something that you don’t like about your living room, decide what you like and pick the thing you want still there and things you want to get rid from your living room. Noted the furniture or accessories you have to keep and you don’t want to keep.

You won’t need something that you don’t need because French country living room is interior designs which only follow some rules and the rest of it depend on the homeowner taste. You can decorate French country living room with some of color combination. You can use white ironstone to decorate your accessories if you like white color. Try adding light draperies for the windows using neutral color and choose the fabric material. Fabric that maybe best to be applied for drapery is linen combined white furniture and soft pastel colors.

Add fireplace to your living room to make French country style get more identity. You should decorate the fireplace in away so that you get beautiful fireplace along in beautiful French country living room. You can add pillows from various materials such as ticking, lace, and linen, to make French country style. Hang a mirror in your living room to make it beautiful because mirror can reflect the lights and move it to the room. You can place it anywhere in the room and can choose the size as you want, using ornament or plain, with or without painted frames.

Choose simple lighting that you can locate in the table or standing lamps flank the sofa, iron chandelier in black or white color. Choose the color of the mirror to suit your taste. In case you want to really make French country living room, consider using antique material. Choosing to antique material is very challenging because you have to choose material that has good quality and that can be mixed with modern furniture. Place accessories such as books, flowers, candles, or other natural object. For flooring French country usually use natural material such as wood, stone, tile, terracotta, or other natural materials. Add patterned or plain rugs to give warm to the living room.

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French Country Living Room Small

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French Country Living Room Style

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French Country Living Room Cottage

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