Makerland – Bedrooms is important place in your home because in this room you usually spending time to sleep, relax, nap, and can make you fresh from the work or activity you have done earlier. Decorating bedroom should consider comfort ability and high quality material to make this bedroom elegant. Who don’t want to make elegant bedrooms? Every homeowner must want to create elegant bedrooms but sometimes they are afraid to implement it in their bedroom because it is pricey. Creating elegant bedrooms is pricey but you won’t complaint if you see the high quality and material used for this bedroom decoration.

You can create classy and elegant room using French style decoration. French style is very popular to decorating elegant bedrooms and can be made with traditional or contemporary designs. French style has a signature decoration that is headboard. Decorate your bedroom with vintage and classy headboard to make your bedroom elegant. You can choose the variation of headboard because it has various materials such as wood and metal and come with various shape like rectangle or round headboard. Wooden headboard is more expensive than metal but the looks definitely can’t be replaced by another material. If you have big budget choose wooden headboard, but if you have limited budget use the other material with cheaper price as with the cheaper one you still be able to create elegant bedrooms.

Consider using four studded bed to create classier look. This bed is expensive and required large space in your bedroom which has been used since 1500s. In the past four studded bed usually made from oak but today oak is replaced by teak wood. This bed have three designs available in the store or antique shop, they are the standard low, the high canopy, and the standard tester. Bed with French style is the best option to create elegant, classy, and luxury bedroom. French style furniture usually has curved legs and the addition of luxury bed it will give romantic, classy, and elegant look to your bedroom.

You can use French style closets with irregular shape like heart to make feminine atmosphere and can be use as decoration too. French style is known for the mirror decoration, so don’t forget to add this thing. Add length mirror to make your bedroom beautiful and it can be used by you to reflecting yourself when fitting dress or shirt before you want to go out. The addition of drapery can complement the French style look in your bedroom.

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