Makerland – Living in the country is very warm and comfortable. Living there can give the flexibility and a lot of fun. It is different from living in big cities where you don’t have comfortable life. If your life in big cities but want to get the warm and comfortable feeling like live in the country in your home, then you have to alter your living room with country living style. Country living rooms will make you relax, comfortable, and feel like in country. They are look stunning also modern. They can also give elegant and natural impression, and enhancing style like in country.

If you want your living room like that, alter your living room right now! You can alter your living room with country style based on your budget. If you have a tight budget then just change the room layout, use your old sofas, replace your curtain with heavy curtain and reduce the lightning. With that simple action you can have the country look in your home. If you have a big budget you can add some new furniture to give the country living style. Well, there are several ways to make country living room.

To make a country living room, you can choose soft furniture like a big sofa that can be used to make a time for you and your family. This big sofa can represent the warm situation while the country people usually spend their time with family member. There are many types of sofa with different design that may suitable with your taste or simply you can choose 4-seater sofa for your living room. After choose sofa, you can add a wooden fireplace to get the natural feel. Country living rooms always have a wooden fireplace to keep the family warm in the cold season. To match the fireplace, you can pick wooden floor and soft rug to give more country identity.

You can choose to open cabinet, and then locate it near the wooden fireplace or sofa. You can put some books and accessories in the cabinet. Then you can add natural country photos like nature and animal beside the cabinet to make the wall more alive. After add photos you have to consider lighting. You truly need to reduce the lighting in your living room. You can make the casual feel you need by using candles and table lights. If you have done altering, then enjoy your country living rooms!

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