Makerland – Need inspiration to decorate your room? The one that can give you comfort and ease your sleep? Purple bedroom decor might be the best answer for your question. It is believed that all purple variations in bedroom are beneficial for relaxation and mediation purpose which can ease you to have good sleep after a busy day. The color that has been popular since a long time ago represents wealth and power in the western society promise you that you will never get bore of playing with it in your bedroom wall and furniture. And here are some tips to create purple bedroom decor.

Since purple can go well with most colors, there are many things that you can do in designing your bedroom. Some of you might think if painting the entire bedroom wall in purple is scary. But that is not true because it is stunningly beautiful. Rather than dark and gloomy atmosphere, purple calm your mind in its luxury. Putting purple in the entire wall and use white in the ceiling can add beauty and harmony to the room. Purple and black is a great combination too. You can try rustic black wall on one side of the room and combine it with ¼ areas for purple wall to create dynamism and modernism in the room.

You can also use the combination of those two or three colors for the room furniture and accessories. Creating purple bedroom decor does not mean that you have to make everything in purple. Designing bedroom with purple as the central point can also be done in the room which does not use purple on the wall by putting some stuff and furniture which accents purple as the main color. For example, you can hang purple chandelier on the ceiling, using purple variation in blanket, cover sheet, pillow, sofa, carpet, curtain and rugs. Painting the ceiling in purple is great too with the combination of white wall.

If you are bored with white, you can make it more unique by changing it with gray because they are quite similar. For more dramatic result, try using orange as the wall color and purple for the ceiling! That will be wonderful and looks majestic. Using more than one purple variation has it perks because color gradation will make things not overly matching so that it can prevent the room from being dull. There are many things that you can do to design bedroom in purple since this color is really popular and have special attraction of luxury, glamour, mystery, creativity which can calm our mind to get good rest. For maximum result, doing research for this concept and getting professional can be helpful to satisfy you.

Here are the Purple Bedroom Decor Images:

Purple Bedroom Modern

1. Modern Purple and White Girls Comforter Set

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Purple Bedroom Luxury

2. Lightweight Comforter Set, Queen, Purple

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Purple Bedroom Butterfly Wall


3. Bed In A Bag – Full/Queen, Purple Floral

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Purple Bedroom Cool

4. Mizone Riley Comforter Set, Purple

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Purple Bedroom Cute

5. Mizone Morgan 4 Piece Comforter Set Purple

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