Makerland – Red is a courageous color that will make kitchen having interesting design. Red will bring the energy to the kitchen and visually attractive. In case you are in the middle of remodeling or starting to think about changing your current kitchen into more interesting kitchen, add the red color to there. You can use the color anywhere and don’t worry you won’t need to buy a new furniture because you can simply paint the old furniture in your kitchen with red. Red can be applied anywhere in your kitchen such as kitchen cabinets.

Red kitchen cabinets can be got easier and cheaper by painting your existing cabinet with red. You can do it yourself with some guidelines. Maybe the question is how to create do it yourself red kitchen cabinets? There are four steps to make create do it yourself red kitchen cabinets, that is preparing cabinet, sand cabinet, paint, and apply a sealant. Okay, starts with preparing your existing kitchen cabinet. You have to prepare the kitchen cabinets earlier than paint them. Remove the additional hardware from kitchen such as knob, doors, drawer pulls, hinges and any other elements. After remove the elements, clean the cabinet from something that may get in the way when you painted them such as dirt, grime, and oil.

Cover the countertop table in the cabinet to protect it by from the paint. To the next stage, you can start sand the cabinet. Sand the cabinet to remove the existing paint or you can just remove anything that resembles paint or glossy appearance in there. Use an orbital sander or medium-gift sandpaper to remove the paint. When you finish remove the paint, start paint the cabinet. Before start paint, make sure your cabinets have primer or not to decide the way you will paint them. In case your cabinet doesn’t have primer, you have to apply the primer two or three times to make sure the cabinet will get cover primer to make the painting easier.

However, if your cabinets already have a primer you don’t have to apply additional primer, just start painting them which will make the painting easier and efficient. It is advised to use paint gun to make paint equal in proportion. Wait another 24 hour to ensure that your paint is dry. After it is dry, apply the cabinets with sealant to protect them from tear and wear look. You can use polyurethane, high quality sealants that will absolutely cover the surface of the cabinet.

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