Makerland – Do you have a small space under your staircase? Do you use it? There are many homeowners who have a small space under their staircase yet not use it for anything. Using space under your staircase into something functional can add your home value. You can use your space under staircase to make storage if you don’t have a place to keep your old items or you can make a small bathroom.

You can alter a small place under staircase to something more functional by building small bathroom. Yes you can make a bathroom. Altering your space under staircase is cheaper than make a new space for your bathroom. This bathroom under staircase is very popular lately. Altering place under staircase into a small bathroom has been done by some homeowner in Australia, America, Europe, and many more. Many people who have a limited space in their home make the space under staircase to a more functional room by building bathroom. They are not letting a little space for noting but they make something more useful. This small bathroom also play important thing if you live with many people in your home. If you only have a bathroom in your home, that may cause a problem.

For instance, if you want to prepare to go in the morning, you will have to queue first and that’s not efficient at all. This small bathroom under staircase can be an addition bathroom to help you prepare in the morning, without queue. Even though it is small, you still can make your bathroom looks modern and functional. Having small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t get ideal bathroom in your home. This limited space can give you several advantages such as easily cleaning, cheaper budget decoration and you can choose bathroom furniture that essential for you. With your less furniture you will get your bathroom minimalist and you can clean the bathroom more easily because it is small.

To get small modern bathrooms, you have to make a planning and budget you have. Planning for the furniture you want to add in the bathroom such as, bathtub, shower, toilets and their price range. Choose this furniture based on your space under staircase, consider the model, and their price. You can search internet for small modern bathrooms furniture that you can add to the bathroom in every brand and price range. Many pictures you find in the internet that recommends you to use basin and toilets only for your small modern bathrooms. If it a little large and possible to add shower, you can also add it to your bathroom.

Here are the Bathrooms Under Staircase Pictures:

Small Modern Bathrooms Under Staircase Luxury

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Bathrooms under Staircase Small

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Bathrooms under Staircase Design

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